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Nitrox Specialty Course


Our aim is always to offer our divers a safe and enjoyable experience. Below are reviews from customers who left use feedback on their experience.
thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to learning more about scuba in the future by Stephen Campbell - 08-Sep-2019
No comment left by Jerzy Kowalewski - 07-Jul-2019
No comment left by Sam Wright - 28-Feb-2019
Great value for money. There were many sites that offered the same but way higher price. It was very easy, all online except for the final confirmation which was very quick. by Phil Sheedy - 22-Nov-2018
No comment left by PAULO EBERHARDT - 22-Nov-2018
The online program was good, however we were asked to come in for a “tutorial” after we Finnished the course and I felt like we knew more about the course than the so called instructor did. by Elise Palic - 27-Sep-2018
No comment left by DEAN WINTERTON - 27-Sep-2018
The instructor gave us a test asked us as a group 4 questions showed us a meter and sent us home ... took longer to drive to the store than we spent eith her by roy palic - 27-Sep-2018
The practical text and in the class was great but the online exam doesn’t let you see what answers you are getting incorrect. How are you supposed to learn when you don’t know where you are going wrong? by David Armstrong - 20-Sep-2018
No comment left by Ruibang Wang - 06-Sep-2018
*All Prices are Per Person and Prices may vary depending on Start Dates.

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