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Terms and Conditions

How to Book
. We are legally obligated to offer you Travel Insurance. If you do not require this, it must be indicated on the booking form, however insurance is mandatory on our escorted tours and must be purchased at time of booking. A minimum deposit as outlined in the booking process is  is required to confirm a booking, of which  is non-refundaable. Balance of Payment Is due 60 days prior to departure. If not received 60 days prior to departure, we reserve the right to cancel all arrangements and retain a cancellation fee equal to 100%  of funds paid.

If the booking is cancelled before final payment is due then a $250 plus any cancellation fees applied by third party operatiors. For cancellations received less than 60 days before departure, after all funds have been paid, a cancellation fee will be charged at the discretion of the different operators used, which could be 100% of funds paid. Cancellation insurance is mandatory on group departures, to be purchased at time of booking.

No Refunds
No refunds will be made for unused accommodation, meals, tours or other services not utilised once your holiday has commenced. No refunds are paid for voluntary changes of itinerary.

Please Note
Included in the tour costs are charges for normal booking procedures, communications, administration. The holidays constitute an inclusive tour package and as such an itemisation of costs cannot be rendered. All fares and rates quoted are accurate at time of printing and are subject to change at any time due to unpredicted currency fluctuations or alterations to air fares, accommodation and transportation rates.

Air fares
If included in the price the class of air fares used in some itineraries is not always available at time of booking. PRO DIVE® Travel will endeavour to obtain the class of fare available the next best fare will be offered.

Travel Insurance
Most dive operators now require that you be covered for any diver medical emergency. This cover is available through Travel Insurance, Diver Alert Network (DAN) or SureSave Travel Insurance through PRO DIVE.  Diver medical emergency insurance is mandatory on escorted tours and must be purchased prior to departure.

Divers Note
You will be required to present your certification card to the on-site dive operator. It is recommended that divers take their own equipment. This should include a wetsuit to suit water temperature, regulator with dive computer and an alternate air source, buoyancy vest, mask, fins, snorkel, boots and gloves.

The contracted dive operator is the sole judge as to the acceptability of equipment to be used by each diver, and to the suitability of a passenger to undertake a particular dive.

Booking Responsibilities
PRO DIVE® Travel and Operators of the tours detailed in this programme, act only as agents for the airlines, transportation companies, hotel owners or contractors and other principals, and all tickets, exchange orders, vouchers and documents are issued subject to the conditions under which such transportation, accommodation and other contractors operate. By the acceptance of any documents, the purchaser and/or tour member agrees that neither PRO DIVE® Travel, its employees or associated companies, agents shall not be or become liable or responsible for any injury, damage, accident, loss delay or irregularity that may be caused to person or property or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation or other service included in these holidays. This will also apply for any reason resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, dangers incidental to the sea or terrain, machinery breakdown, hostilities, strikes, riots, civil commotion, thefts, pilferage, sick or customs regulations, improper or insufficient passports or other documentation or cancellations in itinerary or schedules or from any causes beyond the control of Pro Dive Travel, its employees or associates shall not  be or become liable for any additional expenses or liability sustained or incurred by the tour member as a result of any of the foregoing clauses.

PRO DIVE® Travel its employees or associated companies/agents reserves the right to alter or modify itineraries, accommodations and transportation in any way necessary in the interest of tour members or due to circumstances beyond their control. PRO DIVE® Travel reserves the right to cancel or withdraw, at any time bookings made by or for the client, in which event no liability whatsoever shall be attributed to PRO DIVE® Travel, its employees or associated companies/agents and furthermore, while taking every care with passengers property, shall not be liable for any loss, damage, inconvenience in the handling thereof. The transportation firm or companies shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness, or injury however or by whomsoever caused and of whatever kind occurring of or to the passenger at any time when the passenger is not on board a carrier to conveyance used and operated by the transport companies and firms. The passage contract in use by the transportation companies shall constitute the sole contract between the transportation companies and firms and the purchaser of these tours and/or passengers.


All Travel arrangements are made by Pro Adventures Pty Ltd. t/a Pro Dive Travel 1st Floor, 27 Alfreda Street,Coogee  NSW  2034  ABN 13 001 665 103

*All Prices are Per Person and Prices may vary depending on Start Dates.

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