Advanced Open Water Certification With Poseidon Cruises

Conducted over two days aboard the modern dive catamaran Poseidon, the PADI Advanced Open Water Course is the first step beyond basic certification and is designed to develop your confidence underwater by expanding your existing diving skills.

The prerequisite for this course is a PADI Open Water certificate or equivalent from another training agency. There are no formal classroom sessions involved, but students will need to complete the PADI eLearning Advanced Open Water course online before arrival.  This knowledge will be reviewed on board prior to each training dive. 

Quicksilver Dive’s Advanced Open Water Course covers five training dives and one fun dive including the following:

(Deep Dive and Navigation Dive are mandatory, the makeup of the other dive types may change depending on conditions)

Deep Dive During this dive you will gain the experience to safely conduct dives beyond your 18-metre depth limit as an open water diver. Under the close supervision of your dive instructor, you will be taken down, no deeper than 30 meters, where you will be shown the effects of increased pressure and colour absorption at depth.

Navigation Dive Complete exercises using both a compass and natural references to help improve your underwater navigation skills.

Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB) Fine tune your buoyancy control by learning correct weighting techniques, correct positioning of weights and tanks and breathing techniques. As a diver with effective buoyancy control you will be protecting not just yourself but also the delicate coral reef by minimising contact. Good buoyancy control also helps reduce air consumption. 

Boat Diving Many divers learn to dive and make dozens of dives before ever setting foot on a dive boat. Expand your knowledge about boat diving, from small inflatables to dive boats.

Underwater Naturalist – Fish ID Learn how to identify the main families of fish from damselfish to triggerfish. You will also be taught how to identify the different corals.

Once the certification dives are complete you will be allowed a fun dive.


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