Gift Vouchers

A gift certificate or gift voucher makes a perfect present. PRO DIVE offer Gift Vouchers for Specific Products and Cash Amounts.

You also have the option of purchasing a Gift Voucher for any of the Course/Trips that exist on our website. 

  1. Simply select a product (a dive course or dive trip) on the website, and you will notice that on the Left hanf side of the page there is a link for Gift Voucher.
  2. When purchasing a voucher, you will first enter in your Details (the Purchaser), then you have the option of entering a Message.

Redeem Voucher

There are two types of vouchers that can be purchased through PRO DIVE. They are Course/Trip(Services) Vouchers or Vouchers for a Cash Amount. 

Currently Cash Amount Vouchers need to be redeemed through Participating Stores or by calling us on 1 800 820 820 (+61 2 81161199). 

Particpating Pro Dive Stores:
Pro Dive Cairns
Pro Dive Central Coast
Pro Dive Lord Howe Island
Pro Dive Manly
Pro Dive Sydney City

    Vouchers for Course/Trips can be redeemed the same way as the Cash Amount Voucher, plus they can be  redeemed Online through our website (subject to the Terms & conditions outlined on it). 

How to Redeem a Course/Trip(Service) Voucher Online: 

   First go to and enter your Email and Password into the Explorer Club Login (If you dont have these details, select forgotten password and enter your email address to retrieve the password).


Once you are logged in, select the Voucher Tab on the right hand side of the binder.

There is a list of vouchers that can be redeemed. Simply click on "redeem Voucher."

Select a start date (If there is no start dates, then contact us on the email and phone numbers above)

Select the Departure/Pickup Point and Certification Level if it is applicable for this product.

Once you have "hit" confirm Booking you can then print your Booking Voucher.

Cash Amount

Simply enter an amount you wish to purchase as a personalised vouchers. Note there is a minimium of $20.

Course & Trip Voucher

Course & Trip Voucher

Course & Trip Voucher

Course & Trip Voucher